Victory Chemical industries Limited owners of the “Damatol” brand in Nigeria is founded with an objective to manufacture highly exceptional beauty and cosmetics products for humanity.
From humble beginnings Damatol brands grew steadily and successfully with over 10years continuous R&D in formulating and manufacturing, We are proud to say Victory Chemical Industries Ltd, today is a leading provider of beauty and cosmetics product in Nigeria

The company’s first product, “Damatol Medicated Hair Scalp and Skin Treatment Cream” was registered with National Agency For Food Drugs and Administration and Control (NAFDAC) within three month of commencement. Our goal is to find Long lasting solution to skin and body infections such as ringworm, Dandruff, Eczema, Itching, and general skin problems.

Quality Assurance
We at VCIL understands the importance of creating and maintaining healthy manufacturing environment and practices to ensure consistency and quality for our products.
Physical testing of each product batch is carried out by quality control team to certify product before approval to fill into packages or shipped as bulk product.
Our in-house analytical and microbiological testing labs contribute to fast and efficient quality assurance.  We are constantly improving our quality control through training and process documentation in order to provide you with highly exceptional products.
Years of experience and research, acquired by the director and series of training received, led to the production of the under listed products;

  • Damatol medicated hair scalp and skin treatment
  • Damatol medicated dusting powder
  • Damatol skin rashes powder
  • Damatol hair Sheen
  • Damatol petroleum jelly
  • Damatol medicated skin clear soap with honey
  • Damatol medicated skin clear soap with vitamin E.
  • Damatol Carrot Soap Herbal
  • Damatol Herbal Black Soap
  • Damatol Alovera Soap
  • Damatol Magic Hair Revitalization
  • Damatol Hair Restoration
  • Damatol Hair Success Fertilizer (110g)
  • Damatol Hair Food – Bigamot Formular (110g)
  • Damatol Hair Butter (110g)
  • Damatol Medicated Hair, Scalp & Skin Treatment (55g)
  • Damatol Medicated-Oil-Sheen Tube
  • Damatol-Mentholated-Dusting-Powder.
  • Blends Of Essential Oils (250ml)
  • Damatol-Medicated-Oil-Sheen-Formular.

It is worthy to mention that continuous investment into Research and Development by the Management transformed “Damatol” from a National brand to a world brand, as its now ordered, distributed and sold in small and Large quantities across the globe. The general acceptability of Damatol range of products will not be without effective Managerial structure that exist within the organization, her distributors and customers! a key reason we have been evaluated and endorsed by the following bodies;

  • The west Africa Quality Medicated Hair/Body Cream of the year Award 2007
  • Alimosho World Industrial Award 2008
  • Excellent Performance Award 2008
  • Nigeria Association Of Computer Science Students (NACOSS)
  • Excellent Quality Award News Flash Magazine.   
  • National Quality Management Award 2008 (NAQNA)
  • News in Africa 2009 Outstanding leaders Gold Award.    
  • Lagos Enterprise Award 2010
  • Lagos Enterprise Award 2011
  • NANs 2011 Leadership Award

You are invited to tour our manufacturing facility, laboratory, and warehouse facilities.  You are also welcome to observe pilot batches, compounding, and line fills.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment.  We look forward to meeting with you!